Winona Film Society - Past Film Showings

My Little Sister

Friday / April 1, 2022 / 7:00 pm
Coffeehouse and Gallery open at 6:00 pm

German, French, and English with subtitles. 100 minutes.

Directed by Stephanie Chuat and Veronique Raymond.

Lisa, a gifted playwright, lives in Switzerland with her family but her heart remains in Berlin, where her twin brother Sven, is battling leukemia. He is a famous theater actor and Lisa works to get him back on the stage as he struggles with cancer. Even though her marriage goes awry, Lisa’s biggest concern is her brother who helps her begin to write again.



Friday / March 18, 2022 / 7:00 pm

English and Korean with subtitles. 115 minutes.

Directed by Lee Isaac Chung, this is a tender and sweeping story about what roots us. It follows a Korean-American family that moves to an Arkansas farm in search of their own American dream. The family changes completely with the arrival of their sly, foul-mouthed but incredibly loving grandma. Minari shows the undeniable resilience of family and what really makes a home.

All You Ever Wished For

Friday / February 25, 2022 / 7:00 pm

English and Italian. 81 minutes

An enchanted fairy tale romantic comedy from the writer of Rain Man. Follow the travails of New York executive, Tyler, whose business trip to Milan takes an unexpected turn when he is kidnapped for ransom and whisked off to an Alpine village. The rustic cottage where the kidnappers and the victim spend the night is under a gypsy love spell. According to this spell, they will fall in love with the first person they see. It’s a fanciful tale of romance, comedy, and Italian charm.


Decoding the Driftless

Sunday / February 20, 2022 / 2:00 pm

This is an unusually fun and adventurous science-documentary film, with Emmy-winning filmmakers George Howe, Tim Jacobson, Rob Nelson, and Director Jonas Stenstrom of Untamed Science. The Driftless region is an exceptionally rare, scenic, and fascinating landscape, hiding right in the middle of North America.

You’ll soar high over rugged bluffs, skim the surface of primordial rivers, venture deep underground to mysterious secret worlds, marvel at ancient archeological treasures, and hang perilously over massive rock cliffs with endangered peregrine falcons, all while learning the fascinating story of how this landscape came to be. Viewers travel back in time over 500 million years to discover the early geological foundations of the Driftless Region, and then travel forward, learning key geological process that formed the region.

True Mothers

Friday / January 28, 2022 / 7:00 pm

Japanese with subtitles (2020)

Directed by Naomi Kawase 140 minutes

After a long and unsuccessful struggle to get pregnant, Satoko and her husband decide to adopt a child. Over the next six years, the middle-class couple and their son Asato settle into a comfortable routine until the arrival of Hikari, who claims to be the biological mother. Weaving together multiple timelines and genres, the film is a touching celebration of women who assume the duties of love and support.


Queen of Katwe

Friday / January 14, 2022 / 7:00 pm

English with subtitles (2016)

Directed by Mira Nair 124 minutes

A movie based on the true story of a Ugandan chess champion, written by William Wheeler. Starring David Oyelowo and Lupita Nyong’o, the film depicts the life of Phiona Mutesi who lives in Katwe, the slums of Kampala. After learning to play chess, her life changes when she discovers she has an amazing talent for chess.

Not One Less

Friday and Saturday / October 29 and 30 / 7:00 pm

Chinese Language film from China (1999)

Directed by Zhang Yamou 106 minutes

In the crushing poverty of rural China, a young woman is ordered to be a substitute teacher in a remote village. Barely older than her students, she is charged with keeping the class intact or she will not get paid. When one of the student escapes to the city to earn money, she follows him and when her pleas fall on deaf ears, a TV station sympathizes with her and helps her search.

Director Zhang Yamou is the award-winning director of Raise the Red Lantern.



Friday and Saturday / October 15 and 16 / 7:00 pm

Bulgarian Language film from Bulgaria and Greece (2017)

Directed by Andres Walter 101 minutes

Tzanko Petrov, a railroad lineman, finds millions in cash on the train tracks. After turning all the money over to the police, the state celebrates his good deed with a new watch. Julia Staikovam, head of public relations for the corrupt Ministry of Transport, loses his old watch which Tzanko has cherished for years . What follows is a Cinematic parable of the struggle between Tzanko’s humble reality and Julia’s media-obsessed world.

The Farewell

Friday and Saturday / October 1 and 2 / 7:00 pm

Chinese Language film from China (2019)

Directed by Lulu Wang 98 minutes

After learning that her family’s beloved matriarch, Nai Nai , has mere weeks to live, Chinese-born, US -born, Billi , returns to Changchun to find that her family has decided to keep the news from Nai Nai. The family gathers under the guise of a wedding and Billi rediscovers the country she left, and is forever changed by her grandmother’s spirit.