Saturday / January 21, 2023 / 5:00-9:30pm
Winona Arts Center / 228 E 5th St

The Winona Film Society is offering a double feature of films about French cuisine and culture served along with our own delicious spread of appetizers, wine and coffee between features.

Babette’s Feast / 5:00pm

Danish and French. 103 minutes. Directed by Gabriel Axel. 1987.

This 1987 Oscar winner for the Best Foreign film is based on a short story by Isaac Dinesen (Out of Africa). Babette arrives in a small town in Denmark where the townspeople believe in salvation through self-denial, preached by a devout clergyman. She is a refugee from France’s civil war and convinces the townspeople to try something  outrageous—a gourmet French meal.  Will they be able to enjoy this earthly pleasure?

Half hour intermission to partake in a delicious bevy of appetizers and wine.

Delicieux / ~7:15pm

French. 112 minutes. Directed by Éric Besnard. 2022.

Set in 1789 France just before the revolution, a chef seeks to find a new life with the help of a young woman.  Although he has been sacked by his noble master, he finds a way to open his first ever outdoor restaurant and rekindle his love of cooking again.

Come and celebrate these costume dramas which are intertwined with delicious food. Get over the “long winter hump” by enjoying an evening at the Winona Arts Center with your friends.