Winona Arts Center - Past Concerts


Winds of Winona

Saturday / November 12, 2022 / 7:00pm
Coffeehouse and Gallery open at 6:00pm

With woodwind repertoire ranging from Baroque to Jazz, the Winds of Winona offer something for everyone. The ensemble features Ryan Ballanger, Chris Buswell, and Ruth and Frank Bures on clarinet and bass clarinet along with Heidi Bryant on flute. All of the performers are members of the Winona Municipal Band and each perform as soloists as well as in other local and regional performing ensembles.

The program will be a mix of clarinet quartets, flute and clarinet duets, and quintets. Winona is home to many talented local musicians and this is a fun opportunity to gather and enjoy a variety of music in the wonderful Winona Arts Center venue.

Opposable Thumbs
with special guest Sampson and Son

Saturday / October 29, 2022 / 7:00pm
Coffeehouse and Gallery open at 6:00pm

This will be a rare event, Opposable Thumbs (right) last performed in the beginning of the new millennium. The group still consists of Wayne Beezley on mandolin and octave mandolin, Rick Sampson on banjo, guitar and mandolin, and Betsy Neil on fiddle, and now comes with a new bass player, Larry Dalton. This is an all-instrumental group featuring well-crafted originals and new acoustic music from favorite new acoustic string bands.


The concert will open with Sampson and Son, Rick Sampson and his son Aric Sampson (left). Larry Dalton will perform with them as well. Sampson and Son have been performing in the coulee region for 15 years. Their music covers many styles: traditional, contemporary, popular, and originals. Thoughtfully arranged and orchestrated instrumentals (hot pickin') and Aric's sweet vocals. Their music pleases younger and not so young audiences. They have fun!


Radoslav Lorković

Saturday / October 8, 2022 / 7:00pm
Coffeehouse and Gallery open at 6:00pm

Drawing from a multitude of influences ranging from elegant classical and jazz styles to the rawest, most basic blues, country and soul, Radoslav Lorković has taken on an unusually broad musical spectrum and refined it into his distinctive piano style. His tenure on the R&B and folk circuits has culminated in five critically acclaimed solo recordings and numerous appearances on the recordings of and performances with artists including Odetta, Jimmy LaFave, Ribbon of Highway Woody Guthrie Tribute, Greg Brown, Richard Shindell, Ellis Paul, Ronny Cox, Dave Moore, Andy White, and Bo Ramsey. His thirty year touring career has led him from the taverns of the upper Mississippi River to the castles of Italy, the Canary Islands, the Yup’ik villages of Alaska, the Kennedy Center, and Carnegie Hall.

This concert is underwritten by Paul Schollmeier and Efficiency Detectives.

Under Paris Skies

Friday / September 16, 2022 / 7:00pm
Coffeehouse and Gallery open at 6:00pm

The acoustic trio Under Paris Skies celebrates the music of French sidewalk cafes, vintage jazz clubs, Argentine dance halls and Latin rhythms. Together Ron Reimer, Steven Meger and Larry Dalton forge a unique musical blend of wall-of-sound accordion, swinging guitar and rocking bass. Sophisticated arrangements and sentimental melodies carry you to faraway and familiar places. An extremely popular regional band, Under Paris Skies features a unique musical blend of vintage swing, cabaret, tango, samba, bossa and flamenco influences.

Learn more about Under Paris Skies: Facebook and SoundCloud.


The Winona Fiddlers

Sunday / June 5, 2022 / 2:00pm
Coffeehouse and Gallery open at 1:00pm

The Winona Fiddlers is excited to perform at the Winona Arts Center. Founded and directed by Betsy Neil in 2000, The Winona Fiddlers is made up of string instrument students who have a special interest in learning and performing traditional fiddle music from around the world. The ages in the group range from elementary to high school seniors. The group meets once a week throughout the school year, and they perform at various local events.


Fiddle tunes are mostly taught by ear, and since the group is multi-age with a large range of ability, students learn at a variety of levels as they progress. In this year’s concert, students will be performing Irish, Scottish, Cajun, French Canadian, Ukrainian, and Appalachian Old Time Dance Music, along with a few novelty tunes. We will be joined by guest musicians Maureen Mullen on guitar, and Adelyn Rosenwinkel on banjo and triangle. We are excited to also be joined by several alumni of the Winona Fiddlers.

Mike Munson, Mike Gangloff & Adam Kiesling

Thursday / June 2, 2022 / 7:00pm
Coffeehouse and Gallery open at 6:00pm

Join us for a very special evening of Mike Munson (slide guitar country blues performer), Mike Gangloff (Black Twig Players, Pelt), Adam Kiesling (Corpse Reviver, Pert Near Sandstone). They will showcase their individual talents while combining their own unique styles together to play a variety of American music.

Mike Munson on slide guitar with his tradition steeped in Mississippi Delta blues combines with Mike Gangloff on fiddle and banjo within an Appalachian style music along with Adam Kiesling on guitar and banjo in his style of string band and country blues. This is a rare event that these 3 talents are together in a concert in a quiet & acoustically great venue.


Wabasha Street Trio

Saturday / April 9, 2022 / 7:00pm

Sharing music, friendship, and family ties for over 25 years, the Wabasha Street Trio formalized their corroboration in 2013 while presenting “For Our Fathers,” a celebration of the musical inspiration that flowered under the guidance of their musical fathers.

The trio comprised of Nancy Edstrom Bachler, piano, Heidi Guenther Ryan, violin, and Rachael Ryan Dahlgren, cello, performs music from the classical through contemporary piano trio literature, traditional song literature, and original arrangements of sacred hymn tunes. Noted for both their evident warmth and humor, the trio delights in interacting with their audiences, providing historical and musical background as well as contextual highlights to their listeners.

woolen lover and Flyway Dance

Saturday / March 26, 2022 / 7:00pm


woolen lover (they/them) is a local queer sound and movement artist. In their live music performances they layer vocals, synthesizer, found sounds, and electronic sounds- using the loop pedal to unfold each song in the moment.

Find music at


Flyway Dance is a dance collective based in Keoxa/Winona, directed by Erin Drummond and named after the "Mississippi Flyway" of migrating birds through this region. This inaugural showing will feature Fault Lines, a new duet featuring dancers Courtney Armani and Brianna Rae Johnson, and an improvisational set with Berlin-based guest artist Nicola Bullock.

Wing Dam Jammers

Friday / March 25, 2022 / 7:00pm
Coffeehouse and Gallery open at 6:00pm

The Wing Dam Jammers are delighted to be at the Winona Arts Center. They describe their art as a mix of untraditional and original North Americana music somewhere between rock and a grassy patch. Current members include Chris Kendall and Mark Christensen on guitars, Mark Gunderson on upright bass, Bruce Malenke on accordion, Alex Meine on mandolin/fiddle, and all sing like they mean it.


Miss Myra & the Good Time Gals

Saturday / March 12, 2022 / 7:00pm
Coffeehouse and Gallery open at 6:00pm

Where good music and good times come together . . . The Good Time Gals is a fresh, fun, vintage inspired trio with modern sensibilities. Miss Myra, Debbie Briggs, and Beth Varela deliver a one-of-a-kind musical performance of originals featuring tight vocal harmonies, the swing guitar stylings of Miss Myra, and the inspired bass and rhythm accompaniment of Beth Varela on cello and cajón. Their music is peppered with influences of blues, hot club jazz, western swing, old country, and popular music of the 20s, 30s, and 40s, and is certain to delight audiences near and far.

The Gentlemen's Anti-Temperance League

Saturday / February 19, 2022 / 7:00pm
Coffeehouse and Gallery open at 6:00pm

1 part infectious enthusiasm - 1 part vintage hot club jazz - 1 part modern songwriting - 1 part hot picking swing. Shake with ice and you've got The Gentlemen's Anti-Temperance League.

The GATL plays jazz originals. Modern songs under an old-time facade. It’s music your granddad would listen to, if your granddad was a time-traveler from 2050 with a hankering for vintage cocktails and hot jazz. It’s hot, infectious, and emotional. Kind of like that on-and-off relationship you had in your early twenties, but a lot more grounded. Six years, five albums, and hundreds of shows have honed GATL into a finely tuned machine—greased with whiskey, regular exercise, and a taste for wheels on pavement.


John Paulson Jazz

Saturday / January 22, 2022 / 7:00pm

In addition to being a noted educator, John Paulson has been playing jazz with various groups in the region for over 40 years. Along with his quartet, he leads and writes all the music for the John Paulson Big Band, which got its start at the Winona Arts Center with their premiere performance nearly 10 years ago. For this concert, John will be joined by drummer Rich MacDonald (well known for his outstanding musicianship suited to a variety of styles), along with the brilliant Twin Cities guitarist Scott Gerry and bassist Eric Graham (know in the region for his solid time and amazing solos). The group will be performing a mix of recognizable jazz standards and time-tested originals. Tickets are $8 in advance or $10 at the door.

String Ties Christmas Show

Sunday / December 19, 2021 / 2:00pm

String Ties bluegrass band will bring their Christmas Show to the Winona Arts Center. The La Crosse area band has honed this popular yule show over the last 10 years, with tight vocal harmonies and powerful playing – a fresh and heart-warming take on the melodies of the season. String Ties is Dan Sebranek on guitar (who also performs with Johnsmith, Hans Mayer, Bill Miller); Wayne Beezley on mandolin (Bus Boys, Monroe Doctrine); Larry Dalton on bass (Under Paris Skies, Dalton Brothers Trio); Rick Sampson on banjo (Sampson & Son, River Benders); and Winona fiddler Betsy Neil (Roux La La, Buffalo Gals). You won’t want to miss this unique and entertaining show!


Mike Munson

Rescheduled for Saturday / November 27, 2021 / 7:00pm

Having established himself as an adept slide guitar player, Mike Munson is steeped in the country blues tradition. His original works weave together dark lyrics, impossibly fast-paced finger-picking and grinding rhythms. His sound marks the similarities and highlights the distance between Fred McDowell, Leo Kottke and Chuck Berry.

The Midwest is home but the Mississippi Delta has been his training ground. With his fourth release, Rose Hill (2018) Munson traced the blues tradition to its birthplace, recording at the Blue Front Cafe in Bentonia, Mississippi on the Blue Front Record label. Studying under and performing alongside the Grammy nominee Jimmy “Duck” Holmes has informed Munson’s style and refined his craft. Blues is the backbone of Munson’s songwriting as it is the origin story of all American music.

Munson has built a body of work that blends his Midwestern home with his Mississippi travels. From sad and somber slow tunes to swampy, caterwauling stompers, his music is a master class in creative composition and performance, often heavy, yet lyrically compelling and altogether danceable. He never loses sight of his artform or the music’s roots while seeking a sound that is distinctively his own. After releasing the single “Wheels” in early 2021, Munson began recording his sixth full-length album.

Frankly My Dears and Flutistry

Saturday / November 6, 2021 / 7:00pm

This concert will feature music in a variety of styles and showcase the talents of many of our local instrumentalists.

Flutistry is an outgrowth of a flute choir class started by Mandy Moburg in the fall of 2011 in Winona. The class brought together several experienced flutists who decided to make things official, so they became Flutistry. The membership has adjusted over the years, but the current group still includes three founding members: Janet Heukeshoven, Heidi Bryant, and Arlene Boll. More recently, Lisa Ramsey and Amanda Wenzel have joined the group. Over the past 10 years, they have performed for many types of events around Winona. Their repertoire ranges from Baroque to Jazz. For this concert, the program will feature works by female composers.

Frankly My Dears is a woodwind quintet that was founded in 2020 by clarinetist and Winona musical institution, Dr. Frank Bures. He is joined by Heidi Bryant (flute), Kristi Krause (oboe), Pamela Lehmeier (bassoon), and Shawn Kennedy-Lee (French horn). In addition to being members of the Winona Municipal Band, each of these musicians performs with other ensembles around the region. They come together to explore the interesting variety of repertoire that has been scored for woodwind quintet and look forward to sharing their music with the community.


Johnson Street Underground

Saturday / October 23, 2021 / 7:00pm

Johnson Street Underground is a dynamic, a cappella quartet from Winona. Their repertoire covers the gamut from Adele and Billy Joel to Sting and Mumford & Sons. The group formed in January 2018 for the love of close harmonies, without instruments! JSU has entertained crowds at various venues and events in the area since then.

The members are Matt Schultz, Seth Flatten, Charlie Opatz, and John Chernega.