Winona Film Society - Upcoming Films

Unless noted, films are shown at 7:00pm on Fridays at the Winona Art Center, 228 East 5th Street, Winona, MN.

Ticket price is $5 per person, unless otherwise noted.

Please review our Covid-19 Protocol before planning your visit to the Winona Arts Center. We appreciate your understanding.

The Winona Arts Center is pleased to host the Frozen River Film Festival on February 6, 7, and 8.

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The Balcony Movie

Monday / February 6, 2023
FRFF Pass or Ticket Required

Directed by Paweł Łoziński. 100 minutes.

Can anyone be a movie hero? Can the world be locked in one film frame? Director Paweł Łoziński is watching people from his balcony as they are passing by: sad, thoughtful, glued to their phones, young and old. Neighbours, random visitors or simply passers-by. The filmmaker accosts them, asks questions, talks about how they deal with life. Standing there with his camera for over 2 years he has created a space for dialogue, a lay confessional of sorts, where everyone can stop by and tell their story. The protagonists carry secrets and mysteries, and are not easy to label. Every story is unique, and life always surpasses imagination.


Duo Set

Tuesday / February 7, 2023 / FRFF Pass or Ticket Required

Mama Bears

Directed by Daresha Kyi. 88 minutes.

Did you know there are more than 32,000 mothers in America, many from conservative, Christian backgrounds, who fully accept their LGBTQ+ children? They call themselves "mama bears" because while their love is warm and fuzzy, they fight ferociously to make the world kinder and safer for all LGBTQ+ people.


Mama Has a Mustache

Directed by Sally Rubin. 10 minutes.

Mama Has a Mustache is a short, quirky, fully animated documentary about gender and family, as seen through children’s eyes. Driven completely by audio interviews of kids ages 5-10, the film uses these soundbytes combined with clip-art and mixed media to explore how children are able to experience a world outside of the traditional gender binary.


Wild Beauty: Mustang Spirit of the West

Wednesday / February 8, 2023 / FRFF Pass or Ticket Required

Directed by Ashley Avis. 99 minutes.

A sweeping, immersive journey into the world of wild horses that illuminates both the profound beauty and desperate plight they currently face in the Western United States. Filmmaker Ashley Avis and crew go on a multi-year expedition to uncover the truth before wild horses disappear forever.


The Last Waltz

Friday / February 24, 2023 / Free Will Donations

Directed by Martin Scorsese. 117 minutes.

The Last Waltz has been heralded as “the finest of all rock movies.”

It started out as a farewell concert and became a celebration. Join an unparalleled lineup of rock superstars as they celebrate the historic 1976 farewell performance of The Band—Rick Danko, Levon Helm, Garth Hudson, Richard Manuel, and Robbie Robertson. Guests include Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, Neil Diamond, Emmylou Harris, Muddy Waters, The Staples, Ringo Starr, Ron Wood, Paul Butterfield, and Ronnie Hawkins.

Please join us as we present the last film from the selection of best films nominated by WAC members as part of the WAC 60th anniversary.