Riverbed Press Free Printmaking Sessions

The Winona Arts Center’s (WAC) Riverbed Press is once again available to the community for printmaking. In advance of the WAC September 12, 2021 exhibit “Art in the Time of Covid”, the Riverbed Press offered free 2-hour sessions each day from August 16 through August 20. (See photos below.)

The “Art During the Time of Covid” exhibit, printmaking sessions and performance events are made possible by the voters of Minnesota through grants from MN States Arts Board thanks to a legislative appropriation from the Arts & Cultural Heritage fund.

Statements from printmaking participants during the August 2021 free sessions:

Marilyn Wicka Ezdon: I had a great time at the Winona Arts Center's Riverbed Press' free printmaking session. The materials were a little new to me but thoroughly explained by the staff (Dirk N.). I was given general direction but could work at my own pace and experiment as much as I wanted. All supplies were top quality and I was thrilled to bring home my original prints. I appreciate the safety concerns of the staff regarding Covid-19 protocols. It was so nice to get out of the house and create art at this venue after the year we have had. I look forward to returning to the Art Center. 

Taff Roberts: It’s so great getting to run these prints. This activity gets me excited about a new series of woodcuts I have been wanting to make.

Mason Blumer-LaMotte: Thank you again for the great opportunity. She and I had a really great time!

Dirk Nelson: One of the things I noticed is that the participants were more willing to experiment and try new techniques and methods because all the materials were high quality and free. It is so important to the learning process to have the freedom to experiment, investigate, and exercise their curiosity.

RiverBed Press

The Winona Arts Center lower level is home to RiverBed Press. Equipped with a 24” wide Conrad etching press since the spring of 2014, the printmaking facility is available for experienced printmakers to use for a nominal fee in the areas of intaglio, relief and monotype. WAC also offers classes in various types of printmaking so that inexperienced printmakers can gain the skills to make them qualified for RiverBed Press memberships. Check the WAC Facebook page for availability of printmaking classes.