Winona Film Society - Fall 2021 Film Series

Films are shown at 7:00pm on Fridays and Saturdays at the Winona Art Center, 228 East 5th Street, Winona, MN.

The fall series runs from October 1st through November 13, alternating weekends with concerts. Ticket price is $5 per person. The Coffeehouse is open at 6pm prior to film showings.

Please review our Covid-19 Protocol before planning your visit to the Winona Arts Center. We appreciate your understanding.

The Farewell

Friday and Saturday / October 1 and 2 / 7:00 pm

Chinese Language film from China (2019)

Directed by Lulu Wang 98 minutes

After learning that her family’s beloved matriarch, Nai Nai , has mere weeks to live, Chinese-born, US -born, Billi , returns to Changchun to find that her family has decided to keep the news from Nai Nai. The family gathers under the guise of a wedding and Billi rediscovers the country she left, and is forever changed by her grandmother’s spirit.




Friday and Saturday / October 15 and 16 / 7:00 pm

Bulgarian Language film from Bulgaria and Greece (2017)

Directed by Andres Walter 101 minutes

Tzanko Petrov, a railroad lineman, finds millions in cash on the train tracks. After turning all the money over to the police, the state celebrates his good deed with a new watch. Julia Staikovam, head of public relations for the corrupt Ministry of Transport, loses his old watch which Tzanko has cherished for years . What follows is a Cinematic parable of the struggle between Tzanko’s humble reality and Julia’s media-obsessed world.

Not One Less

Friday and Saturday / October 29 and 30 / 7:00 pm

Chinese Language film from China (1999)

Directed by Zhang Yamou 106 minutes

In the crushing poverty of rural China , a young woman is ordered to be a substitute teacher in a remote village. Barely older than her students, she is charged with keeping the class intact or she will not get paid. When one of the student escapes to the city to earn money, she follows him and when her pleas fall on deaf ears, a TV station sympathizes with her and helps her search.

Director Zhang Yamou is the award-winning director of Raise the Red Lantern.